The Art of the Deal: Understanding Meal Prep Purchasing Process
as the Backbone of a Successful Meal Kit Business

The Art of the Deal: Understanding Meal Prep Purchasing Process as the Backbone of a Successful Meal Kit Business

A Step-By-Step Guide on Why You Should Reach Out To Your Customers When Starting a Meal Prep Business

Chris, the co-founder of NutriBot, brings to light the intricate purchasing process in the meal prep industry. This article delves into the detailed journey a customer undertakes from recognizing a need to completing a transaction, with a specific focus on meal prep and meal kit subscriptions.

Understanding the Purchasing Process As a Key For Business Owners

The customer's journey, while sharing similarities across industries, holds unique characteristics in the sector of meal prep delivery services. It involves several stages, each playing a pivotal role in guiding a customer's decision-making journey.

Meal Prep Purchasing Process - Overview, PSECP rule

1. Identifying the Problem or Challenge:

The initial stage involves the customer recognizing a problem or challenge. In the context of meal prep, this could range from weight issues to health improvement goals. This stage is crucial for businesses to understand their ideal customer profile (ICP) and tailor their offerings accordingly.

2. Exploring Solution Concepts:

Once the problem is identified, customers explore various solutions. In the world of meal prep, this might include joining a gym, improving diet, or subscribing to a meal plan. The key here is to understand how customers think and what they perceive as viable solutions to their problems.

3. Learning About the Solution Through Research:

This is the stage where customers educate and familiarize themselves with the chosen solution. They might read blog articles, watch videos, or engage in forums to gather information. For meal kit delivery businesses, this is an opportunity to provide valuable content that helps build trust and credibility. So make sure your meal prep website not only shows the price per meal or your set but also provides interesting information, advice, and tips. 

Keep in mind: the idea behind meal kits is to raise awareness about the meal prep world, dietetics, and other associated aspects. By sharing your know-how, you promote your company!

4. Choosing the Concept:

After educating themselves, customers choose the concept that best suits their needs. For example, as not everyone has the skills to cook an extravagant meal, they might decide that the most convenient and effective solution for their dietary needs is to use suppliers that offer delivered meal plans. 

And this is where companies like yours, offering a variety of delicious meal options, play an important role. They are becoming today's sought-after sources of nutritious prepared meals for busy people.

5. Selection and Finalizing the Transaction:

The final stage is the actual purchase. This is where customers evaluate different providers and decide which one to go for based on the information they have gathered. This is the moment when meal kit businesses must adeptly showcase their value to win customers over. By being both present and persuasive, they can leave a lasting impression and guide the potential clients towards choosing them in the competitive market.

Meal Prep Purchasing Process - Overview, PSECP rule

Digital Marketing as a Tool For Sharing Knowledge - The Hidden Reason Why It's Worth Advertising Your Meal Kit Business 

Digital marketing plays a significant role in influencing the buying decision. From content marketing to social media engagement, each platform can be used to educate and build trust with potential customers. Understanding the customer's journey through digital channels can significantly enhance the effectiveness of marketing strategies. So, take that information and start implementing it!


Understanding the purchasing process in the meal prep business is key to tailoring marketing efforts effectively. By recognizing the stages a customer goes through - from identifying a problem to finalizing a transaction - businesses can better align their marketing strategies, provide valuable content, and ultimately, guide the customer toward making an informed purchase decision. Chris's insights underscore the importance of not just transactional selling but also advisory selling, emphasizing the need to engage with customers throughout their decision-making journey.

Time to Start: Initiate Your Next Chapter & Enjoy a Lucrative Business Model!

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