How to handle advanced production in meal prep company

How organize daily meal prep production with NutriBot - ADVANCED

How to organize daily meal prep production with NutriBot - ADVANCED

Effective organization of production in a meal prep company is the key to success and improvement of the company's profitability. Thanks to proper optimization of the process, you are able to:

  • Limit losses in overproduction
  • Avoid unnecessary shopping and buy only the amount of ingredients you really need
  • Save time by collectively cooking semi-finished products for all meals at the same time
  • Save time needed for calculations and daily work preparation
  • Plan work properly and do it in the optimal order
  • Avoid overcooking missing products and meals
  • Include customer exclusions and dislikes
  • Prepare meals carefully taking into account the calorific value and the amount of macro and micro elements in all portion sizes
  • Generate all labels in bulk, including macros and individual exclusions
  • Plan deliveries in advance by optimizing the work and the number of drivers needed - reduce the cost of delivery
  • Reduce the final cost and provide a better quality product - become more competitive on the market!

Table of contents

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:15 Step 0: Naming and architecture
00:01:33 Step 1: Orders confirmation
00:02:00 Step 2: Shopping
00:02:42 Step 3: Recipes bulk cooking
00:05:09 Step 4: Meal preparation - recipe combining (food containers packaging)
00:05:52 Step 4.1: Meal preparation order planning
00:07:47 Step 4.2: Empty containers preparation*
00:09:17 Step 4.3: Meal preparation - recipes combining
00:11:37 Step 4.4: Closing containers
00:11:44 Step 4.5: Containers labelling
00:12:58 Step 4.6: Cooling
00:13:05 Other meals combining
00:14:03 Step 5: Meals collecting (dispatching)
00:14:07 Step 5.1: Sorting meals on the shelves
00:14:51 Step 5.2: Meals stocks collecting
00:16:01 Step 6: Packing meals into bags
00:16:03 Step 6.1: Bags labelling
00:17:02 Step 6.2: Putting meals stocks in the bags
00:17:15 Step 7: Delivery
00:17:59 Summary

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