How to create simple menu in meal prep business

How to add and manage BASIC menu in NutriBot

How to create simple menu in meal prep business

Creating a menu in meal prep company can be a very arduous and laborious task. To deal with this challenge, smaller companies with limited staff often use a simplified menu. Thanks to this, they do not have to delve into the detailed balancing of all macronutrients.

They use a simple meal list that they make available to their customers and recipes that are sent to the kitchen separately.

Unfortunately, even with such a simplified approach, managing a company with 100+ active subscribers is quite a challenge and often the chaos resulting from management becomes insurmountable at this stage.

To show you that managing the menu even in a small team can be simple, easy and pleasant, and most importantly, it can save you a lot of time and unlock the growth potential, we recorded a special webinar. We invite you to watch!

Table of contents

00:00:00 Introduction
00:05:06 Offer overview
00:06:23 Basic menu fundamentals
00:08:32 Creating menu - step by step
00:27:38 Creating meal-choosing menu variant
00:33:58 Completing the remaining days
00:44:50 Menu publication
00:46:06 Menu - customer view
00:48:00 Back office - order management
00:50:00 Kitchen reports
00:52:56 Exclusions handling
00:55:21 Meal summary
00:57:38 Labels printout

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