How to create nutrition based menu in meal prep company

How to add and manage ADVANCED menu in NutriBot

How to create nutrition based menu in meal prep company

Menu management in an experienced meal prep company requires a combination of many advanced processes:

  • Creating well-balanced recipes that match various meal plans - the ability to add a recipe containing all the ingredients of the dish being created, their appropriate amount and calculated macronutrients: calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats,
  • Arranging a variety of menus for many available meal plans or diets - assigning different meals to different nutrition plans,
  • Taking care of the variety and rotation of meals over time - providing different meals for each day, and even giving the customer the opportunity to choose different meals every day,
  • Portioning meals depending on the selected caloric variant (daily portion size) - adjusting the size of meals to achieve the assumed macro goals,
  • Creating individual meals depending on the nutritional preferences of individual customers, eg exclusions or dislikes,
  • Creating an individual menu for Premium customers.

Table of contents

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:41 Step 1: Creating Recipes
00:03:11 Step 2: Creating a Menu
00:05:24 Step 3: Choosing starting meal plan, variant and portion size
00:05:54 Step 4: Creating a meal list for starting the meal plan
00:07:05 Step 5: Adding recipes and ingredients to the menu
00:10:32 Daily norm summary
00:12:14 Day nutrition balancing - portioning
00:15:19 Step 6: Scaling meals into different portion sizes
00:17:12 Step 7: Completing remaining meal plan variants
00:21:06 Step 8: Completing the 2nd meal plan
00:24:49 Step 9: Scaling meals to other portion sizes in the 2nd meal plan
00:25:57 Step 10: Completing the rest of the meal plans
00:26:33 Menu status
00:27:22 Step 11: Completing the rest of the days on the menu
00:28:10 Step 12: Checking the correctness of work and publication of the menu

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