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NutriBot - meal prep software dashboard
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Learn about the main features of NutriBot

NutriBot is a comprehensive solution for meal prep industry.

and much more...
Mobile app for meal prep industry - order renewal

NutriBot is a cloud-based solution

All the software is in the cloud and is sold on a SaaS (monthly subscription) model. This means that you don't need any programming knowledge and you don't have to install anything. We will run and configure everything for you.

  • No implementation costs
  • Low monthly subscription
  • No long-term commitments
  • Operating the system from a web browser
  • No additional software installation required
  • Free updates
  • Instant access to the latest features
  • Express configuration and system start-up
  • Simple integration into the company website
  • Launch in as little as 24 hours!

Use the power of synergy

Streamline subsequent processes, increase sales efficiency and save additional time with the integrations we have prepared for you.

  • Website visitation statistics
  • Tracking the conversion of advertising campaigns
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Integrations with courier companies
  • E-mail campaigns and text messages
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Additional services

Do you need something more? Looking for an individual approach? We are a Software House employing over 30 specialists. Check what we can do for you.

Individual implementation and franchising

Looking for a tailor-made solution? Do you need additional functionalities, specific integrations or separate servers? Do you want to have your own mobile application published in the AppStore and Google Play under your own brand? Contact us and ask about White Label implementation. We also offer a version of the system dedicated to franchise networks.

Your Company's Website

Are you at the beginning of your journey and do you need a complex service in terms of creating an image website? Or maybe you want to refresh your existing website? Contact us and ask about a website for your catering business.

Promotional materials

Promotional flyers, advertising banners, materials to post on social media? Our experienced team will prepare everything you need. Ask for a quote.

SSL certificate

Not sure how to go about purchasing and configuring a security certificate for your site? Contact our team and we will do it for you!

Advertising and positioning

Do you need help in reaching new customers? Interested in SEO or social media advertising? Ask us what we can do for you.

Data migration

Want to transfer data from another software or Excel to NutriBot? We will tell you how to do it and help you with the migration!

Meal planning

Are you looking for an experienced dietician? Would you like to commission the preparation of meal plan for your catering? Contact us and ask about meal planning.

Consultancy and training

Do you need to train your team in the use of the system? Or are you looking for advice and knowledge on how to run and develop your business? We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience.

Questions? Get in touch with us!

Our experienced team will be happy to answer questions, prepare an offer and share their knowledge.