is more than just CRM

A comprehensive solution for meal prep industry.

NutriBot meal prep software components
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System components

Check what NutriBot consists of

NutriBot is a comprehensive solution that addresses the needs of your entire team and your customers. Each user receives an appropriate tool that takes their needs into account.

Shop for meal prep company customers
Clients online store

Website for placing orders by your customers.

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Mobile apps for meal prep company customers
Clients mobile application

Customers have the ability to renew orders, manage and rate meal plans, and complete other tasks using iOS or Android mobile apps.

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Customer panel for meal prep company
Clients website panel

Customer panel on the website. Customers can log in to their account and manage their meal plan via a web browser.

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CRM system for meal prep industry
Meal prep company
eCommerce & CRM system

Managing customers, orders, logistics and all processes in production.

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Diet module and reports
Meal prep company
ERP: Production and reports

Ingredients database with nutrients, creation of meal plans, printing of labels, reports for the kitchen and for packaging.

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Mobile apps for meal prep company drivers
Deliveries mobile application

All the information your driver needs, always at hand. Track driver location and delivery status in real time.

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Menu preview and meal rating

Convinient customer service

Serve your customers
wherever they are 24 hours a day.

With the best mobile apps on the market, your customers can serve themselves! Orders, exclusions, delivery address changes, meal plan shifts happen automatically and you save time and money.

client 1 picture

"Clear and easy to use."

- John
client 2 picture

"Very important for me and needed meal reminder function :) Quick and easy meal plan renewal directly from within the app."

- Ursula
client 3 picture

"Convenient form, you can see the menu in real time, place an order or e.g. change the delivery address. I am very satisfied!!!"

- Eva
client 4 picture

"Simple, intuitive, very helpful."

- Tom
client 5 picture

"The app is perfect, it reminds you of your meals, you can rate them, you get a preview of lots of practical information."

- Aneta