New quality of courier deliveries

Mobile apps with delivery map and delivery confirmations for your drivers.

Meal delivery - mobile app for drivers
Meal delivery - mobile app for drivers - order details

Do you employ your own drivers?

Use the NutriBot Delivery mobile app to streamline and automate the process of delivering orders to your customers.

Navigation to the customer's door

With one tap, the driver can start the navigation, which will guide him to the desired address.

Access to necessary information

Each driver sees the delivery list assigned to him with all the necessary data, such as the code for the intercom or the floor.

Automatic creation of a delivery list

Parcels are assigned to drivers automatically based on the order address and defined delivery regions.

Meal prep delivery app - orders list

List and map of parcels
to be delivered

Each driver, after logging in to the application, has access to the list of parcels assigned to him. He can also switch to a map view where each delivery address is marked with a pin.

  • Automatic or manual assignment of drivers to addresses
  • Convenient filtering and sorting of deliveries
  • Marking packages as delivered
  • Real-time tracking of driver location and status of delivered packages
  • Management of drivers and delivery regions from the CRM system

Delivery details and customer contact information

On the mobile app, the driver has access to all the important information needed for a smooth delivery to the customer.

  • Basic address data
  • Staircase, floor, doorphone code, gate code
  • Delivery times and place
  • Note to courier from customer
  • Customer phone with one-touch dialing
  • Information about the ordered diet
  • Amount to be collected from the customer in the case of cash payments
Meal prep delivery app - order details and delivery confirmation
Meal prep delivery app - delivery confirmation - take a photo

Delivery Confirmation

After the delivery of a package to a customer, the driver changes the delivery status and has the option to take a photo of the delivered package. The application automatically saves the delivery time, GPS location and photo in the CRM system. For you, this means greater control over the drivers' work and security in the event of a customer complaint..

  • Marking a parcel as delivered
  • Time recording and detailed GPS location of the delivery
  • Delivery confirmation photo
  • Entry of amount received from customer in case of cash payments
  • Optional courier note on delivery
  • PUSH notification to the customer informing about the completed delivery

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Note: To log in to the mobile application, you must first create driver account in to the CRM system! To fully test the mobile application, make an appointment for a presentation of the system, after which you will receive access to a demo version of the entire system.