Meal plan management
has become mobile

Mobile order management applications designed with your customers in mind.

Mobile apps for meal prep industry
Mobile apps for meal prep company

Application features

Mobile apps are not only a convenience for customers but also a huge relief to your customer service team! Mobile apps allow you to reduce your customer service team, by having your customers do most of their daily meal plan management themselves in the app. Think of the savings.

Placing orders and payments

Possibility to quickly renew your last order or choose a new meal plan.

Change of delivery address or postponement of the meal plan days

Selecting a different address for delivery on a specified date or postponing delivery to another date.

Adding exclusions

Do you allow exclusions for your customers? The app allows you to enter and edit them easily.

Meal reminders

Meal prep company's clients like to eat at regular times. Our app will remind you of each meal at a specific time.

Menu preview and meal evaluation

A menu for the entire contract period including energy value, macronutrients and allergens. Choice of optional meals and meal evaluation.

News and PUSH Notifications

Introducing a new meal plan? New Year's promotion coming up? Notify your customers in the app using PUSH notifications.

Meal prep software mobile app features

Mobile application for meal prep industry

Explore the main features of the top rated mobile apps for the meal prep industry.

Składanie i przedłużanie zamówień

Placing and renewing orders

Placing an order has never been so easy. Tap on "Re-order last", confirm your selection and pay with your fingerprint or Face ID!

  • Full integration with webshop and CRM system
  • Extend your last order with just a few taps
  • Online payments (PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, payment cards, quick transfers), cash, traditional transfer
  • Support for biometric authentication methods (fingerprint, FaceID) for native Apple Pay and Google Pay payments
  • Payment by taking a photo of your payment card or contactless via NFC
  • Support for discount codes
  • Full order history with payment status, order status and delivery calendar
Meal plan preview and ratings

Menu preview and meal evaluation

Customers want to know what meals they will get the next day. They are very willing to rate the meals and share their opinion on the dishes served by the kitchen.

  • Overview of the menu for the whole ordering period
  • Energy value of meals, macronutrients and allergens
  • Possibility to exchange (choose) meals - if you allow it :)
  • Full integration with the dietetic module
  • Meal evaluation and comments - just for your information!
  • Reminders to eat at set times
  • End-of-day meal rating reminders
Powiadomienia o kończącym się zamówieniu i spożyciu posiłków

News & PUSH Notification

If you're wondering what's driving the huge popularity of mobile apps, it's PUSH notifications! Have you acquired a customer? Stay in touch with them and remind them about a meal plan that is ending, a new promotion and encourage feedback through surveys and meal ratings.

  • News combined with PUSH notifications
  • Promotions combined with PUSH notifications
  • Surveys combined with PUSH notifications
  • Meal reminders
  • Meal evaluation reminders
  • End of order reminders
  • Notification of delivery by courier

How does it work?

For the price of the service, you get access to the top-rated NutriBot apps on AppStore and Google Play, allowing your customers to manage their meal plans and renew their orders.

Meal prep software - mobile apps randing

Branding and data security

When the customer places their first order, they receive an email and SMS with a link to download the NutriBot app to their phone. From the very beginning the app has your company logo and colours set. Your customers cannot browse or select another company in the app! Thanks to the advanced mobile application, you will increase the loyalty of your customers and you can stay in constant contact with them.

  • Easy and troublefree installation of applications on the phone
  • The colours and logo of your company
  • Lack of browsing and access to other companies offers
  • Data security and compliance with GDPR
  • The highest rated apps for meal prep industry in the AppStore and Google Play!
  • Constant contact with customers via mobile applications

*If you are interested in making mobile app clones and publishing them under your own brand in the markets, contact us and ask for details.

"Clear and easy to use."

- John

"Very important for me and needed meal reminder function :) Quick and easy diet extension directly from within the app."

- Ursula

""Convenient form, you can see the menu in real time, place an order or e.g. change the delivery address. I am very satisfied!!!""

- Eva

"Simple, intuitive, very helpful."

- Tom

"The app is perfect, it reminds you of your meals, you can rate them, you get a preview of lots of practical information."

- Aneta

Check out our application!

Note: To log in to the mobile application, you must first place an order with the meal prep company! To fully test the mobile application, make an appointment for a presentation of the system, after which you will receive access to a demo version of the entire system.