Every dietician's dream
has become a reality!

Advanced dietary module fully integrated with your shop, mobile apps and CRM system

Meal prep diet module - meal nutrition and ratings
Innovative solutions

Variations of dishes, groups of ingredients in recipes, various options for automatic calculation of weights in the menu are all features that make work much easier and that you will not find in any other software.

Ergonomics of work

The user interface has been designed to make working with the programme quick and convenient. You can add a new product or a new dish directly on the meal plan without having to enter another menu.

Full integration

The entered menu automatically appears in reports for the kitchen and packaging, web shop, customer panel, mobile applications, labels and shopping lists.

Ingredient database with full nutrition details

Ingredient base

The foundation of the dietary module is an extensive and carefully developed database of food products. High quality data is guaranteed by a licence from the National Institute of Public Health (PZH). Each product from the PZH database has approximately 100 nutritional values.

  • PZH, USDA, branded products database
  • Tags: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, low GI
  • Product categories
  • Handling self-reported measurements, e.g. pinch, spoon, glass
  • Solid and liquid products
  • Allergens
  • Product prices
  • Taking into account losses due to mechanical processing
  • Taking into account the change in weight due to heat treatment
Food database and food details

Food base

Build your own database of dishes using the innovative solutions we have prepared for you. Work quickly and efficiently like never before. To get started you will also receive a ready database of tested recipes, which you can immediately use in your meal plans.

  • Automatic summation of nutritional values of dish ingredients
  • Control of ingredients used based on tags: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, low GI
  • Creation of ingredient groups within a single dish with different options for converting basic weights
  • Creation of variations of the dish for different meal plans (e.g. lactose-free, gluten-free)
  • Possibility of adding a photo of the dish
  • Extensive food categorisation and tagging options
Automatic conversion of base weights for different calorific values

Creation of meal plans with automatic conversion of base weight

Save time by creating meal plans in the dietary module designed specifically for meal prep industry and tightly integrated with other components of the system.

  • Automatic conversion of base weights for different calorific values
  • Advanced options for automatic base weight conversion: proportional, fixed quantity, calorie addition
  • Copying meals between meal plans and variants
  • Control of defined daily nutrient content standards in the meal plan
  • Serving optional meals (meals of the client's choice)
  • Editing of dishes without leaving the meal plan
  • Adding new dishes and products without leaving the meal plan
  • Cloning of meal plans

Clear reports for the kitchen and for packaging

You are provided with over a dozen reports necessary for efficient kitchen operation, packaging and delivery of ordered meal plans. Most reports can be exported to PDF or Excel.

Meal prep software - Meals to prepare raport

Menu printout

Do your customers appreciate paper menus? Use our wizard and print a menu for each customer in just a few clicks!

Meal ratings

Meal assessments and comments are the best measure of your customers' satisfaction. We do not share them with anyone!

Choice of meals

Breakfast sweet or salty? Give your customers a choice with optional meals that they can select conveniently from the mobile app.

Extras and upselling

Organic packaging, cutlery, freshly squeezed fruit juice or maybe vegan lard? Increase revenue by offering your customers additional products that will be visible in the packaging reports and delivered together with their daily diet.

Daily standards

Use the defined daily norms to control the macro and micronutrient content of your daily diet.

Training and support for meal prep company

Training and support

Worried about implementation or moving from another software or a tool? Nothing simpler! Our experienced team will help you configure our platform, provide training for you and your team and a dedicated account manager!

  • Assistance with configuration and system start-up
  • Import or migration of data
  • Training for you and your whole team
  • Dedicated mentor

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