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Seamless implementation

No additional widgets or plugins need to be installed on your site. No programming knowledge or server ownership is required to run.

Full integration with kitchen and deliveries

All orders automatically go into the system and are visible in reports for the kitchen and in deliveries. No more rewriting orders!

Quick online payments

Support for all popular payment methods. Confirmation of receipt of payment by the operator automatically changes the status of the order and passes it on to production.

Meal prep company's offer at the customer shop

Choice of meal plan, variant, calories and add-ons

The software has extensive options for managing meal plan offers. Changes made in the CMS are immediately visible in your shop.

  • Name, photo, description and visibility of the meal plan
  • Available variants and meal plan calories
  • Possibility to order any meals from the meal plan, e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Several different types of dietary add-ons: for each day of order, for selected days of order, one-off delivery
  • Handling discount codes

Calendar of order days

Behind the inconspicuous-looking calendar are huge configuration possibilities that allow you to adapt the ordering period to the needs of each meal prep business.

  • Support for a table of cut-off times for each day of the week
  • Configurable orders for Saturdays and Sundays
  • Definition of days on which orders cannot be placed (e.g. holidays)
  • Minimum and maximum order length
  • Handling test orders at a promotional price
  • Discounts for order length
  • Possibility of temporarily blocking the placing of orders
  • Setting the default status for a new order
Calendar of meal plan orders
Meal prep software - Meal plan delivery map

Delivery map

Show your customers clearly where you deliver their meals.

  • Interactive map showing delivery areas served
  • Integration with external courier companies - always up-to-date delivery map
  • Administrative division of Poland including borders of towns, communes and districts
  • Delivery zone wizard allowing you to draw any area on the map
  • Statistics on potential customers outside the supported delivery area
  • Heat map showing the regions with the highest number of orders

Current meal plan

Provide your customers with the meal plan for the coming days before they even place their order.

  • Meal preview for all meal plans
  • No additional work - the meal plan is taken directly from the diet module
  • Presentation of the energy value of the meal, macronutrients, allergens and optionally all the ingredients of the meal
  • Service of optional meals (to be chosen by the customer)
Meal plan preview

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