A better way to manage your meal prep company

Manage your meal prep company and automate processes with a powerful yet easy-to-use solution

CRM system for meal prep industry
Ease of use

Simplicity and intuitiveness are the main requirements for our tool. You can easily implement the system in your company and train your employees.

Real-time information circulation

Full integration with the web shop, customer panel and mobile applications for customers and drivers provides instant access to the most up-to-date data.

Accessibility from any browser

Any web browser is sufficient to operate the system. You do not need to have your own server or install anything on your computer.

Lista i szczegóły klientów


You will find all your company's customers in a clear customer list with advanced filter, search and sorting functions.

  • List and details of each customer
  • Customer order history
  • Transaction history - changes made by the customer
  • Invoice data and delivery addresses
  • Client notes and exclusions
  • Meal evaluations and completed surveys
Meal plan orders and calendar


Managing the orders of dozens or hundreds of customers is quite a challenge. Changes of meal plans, delivery addresses, postponements, exclusions... With our system everything becomes simple.

  • Order list with advanced filtering, searching and sorting functions
  • Delivery calendar for each order
  • Adding, renewing and editing orders
  • Payment status and order status change (new, confirmed, cancelled, on hold, renewed)
  • Change of addresses, meal plans and add-ons
  • Quickly issue and send invoices to customers
Meal plans offer management

Management of meal plans, add-ons and price list

New meal plan? Price list change? Biodegradable packaging? Now you can do it yourself with just a few clicks! The changes made are immediately visible in the web shop, mobile applications and customer panel.

  • Adding and editing new meal plan and add-ons
  • Definition of meal plan variants, calorie counts and meal types
  • Edit price list
  • Discounts for order length and test orders

The clear reports, you need

The CRM system provides a range of reports and statistics on sales, meal preparation and packaging, and delivery of ordered meal plans to customers.

NutriBot - admin panel on the laptop screen

News, surveys and PUSH notifications

Introducing a new meal plan? Will your kitchen be closed on Christmas Day? Inform your customers about it. Additionally, you can create surveys and send them to your customers to get feedback on any topic.

Discount codes & promotions

10% discount for 2 meal plans to the same address? £5 discount for each day of ordering within London area? No problem! Check our advanced discount code module.

Supply zone management

Manage your delivery zones flexibly by drawing delivery areas on a map or defining a list of supported locations. You can deliver parcels with your own drivers or use a courier company. Define cut-off times for orders and days when orders cannot be placed.

Referral links

Do you work with influencers or brand ambassadors? Generate referral links for them and set individual commissions for new customer acquisition and order renewal.

Analytics and conversion measurement

Integrations with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Pixel Facebook allow you to increase the effectiveness of your ads.

Training and support for company team

Training and support

Worried about implementation or moving from another software or a tool? Nothing simpler! Our experienced team will help you configure our platform, provide training for you and your team and a dedicated account manager!

  • Assistance with configuration and system start-up
  • Import or migration of data
  • Training for you and your whole team
  • Dedicated mentor

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